How Relevant Are Black Majority Churches To Postmodern Secular Britain Talk

Wednesday 13th September

Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana answers the questions; What are Black Majority Churches, what is their genesis and how relevant are they today?


What are Black Majority Churches and what is their genesis in Britain? How relevant are they to a society that is postmodern, secular, and multicultural? In this talk, we explore these questions looking at the history and typology of Black Majority Churches.

The talk is free as part of the Open House Festival.

About Israel Oluwole Olofinjana

Rev. Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana (PhD) is the Director of the One People Commission of the Evangelical Alliance. He is an ordained and accredited Baptist minister and has led two multi-ethnic Baptist churches and an independent charismatic church. He is the founding director of the Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World, a mission network initiative that provides cross-cultural training to reverse missionaries in Britain.

Israel has published several books, including editing World Christianity in Western Europe: Diasporic Identity, Narratives and Missiology (2020), African Voices: Towards African British Theologies (2017), Turning the Tables on Mission: Stories of Christians from the Global South in the UK (2013) and co-editing Encountering London: London Baptists in the 21st Century (2015). He is the author of Reverse in Ministry and Missions: Africans in the Dark Continent of Europe (2010), 20 Pentecostal Pioneers in Nigeria (2011) and Partnership in Mission: A Black Majority Church Perspective on Mission and Church Unity (2015).


The evening is a part of Grand Junction’s Our Shared Heritage talks programme which explores themes from the late Victorian period, when St Mary Magdalene’s was built, from different and diverse perspectives.

Our Shared Heritage celebrates the part that Black, Arab, and Asian people and cultures have played in London’s history.

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