Secrets of Soho, Black History Walk

Sat, 29 February 2020 10:00 – 12:00

This special walk delves into an amazing depth of African/Caribbean history between Soho Square and Russell Square: It features

    • Ancient African civilisations
    • Black Female entrepeneurs
    • The Marcus Garvey connection
    • Academia and the white curriculum
    • Black British Civil rights activists
    • Forgotten African genocide of the 20th century
    • Black women broadcasters
    • Equality in the military
    • Mary Seacole, Walter Rodney, Ivan Van Sertima

What an amazing tour! It completely moved me to rethink the intricate web of social, economic and political relations that characterize British imperial rule and racial politics. Engaging, moving, will keep you asking more questions. The best way to get to know London.
Alai Reyes-Santos, Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon

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