What to do in Jamaica

If you are thinking of spending a week or two at the Caribbean island, the question of 'what to do' may seem daunting, but like anywhere else, Jamaica is a place full of experiences waiting to be seized.

Magic Mountain:
The ‘Thorpe Park of Jamaica’ is a popular destination with travellers and locals looking to spend the day having fun. Best known for its ‘Bobsleigh’ track which takes you down the mountainside, Magic mountain also features a ‘Sky Explorer’ – a ski-lift style ride which allows you a picturesque view of Ocho Rios, whilst the ‘Zipline’ offers a similar experience- on the way down. Magic Mountain offers to scratch the itch from your thrill seeker within.

For those looking to stay on the ground, a Hummingbird Garden, Infinity Pool, Museum, Restaurant and Nature Trail offer a tranquil experience within the Parish of St Ann’s.

Location: Ocho Rios, St Ann

Dolphin Cove:
Dolphin Cove is frequently and incorrectly assumed to be like seaworld. With two locations, the Dolphin Cove franchise can be found in both Ocho Rios and Negril.

At Ochos Rios, which can be found near the world famous Dunn’s River Falls patrons can expect to watch Dolphins at play, see a shark show, take part in glass bottom kayaking, snorkelling, go mini boat riding and interact with Stingrays. If you would rather stay dry, there is an adventure trail featuring the local wildlife and a Restaurant if you would rather stay seated.

For those looking to swim with the Dolphins, the Dolphin Cove location in Negril is better suited to your desires. However, it is advised that you bring your own towel and leave all jewellery at home. Children under six and pregnant women are not allowed in the ”swim’ sessions.  

Location: Ocho Rios, St Ann and Negril, Westmoreland/Hanover

Dunn’s River and Cool Runnings Party Cruise:
Dunn’s River is a 600ft waterfall system which draws the a number of attractors. For those looking for an impromptu spa day, the fast flowing water provides a massage for those standing underneath. For those looking for a day of adventure, the trails leading up the waterfall offer a day of exploration.

Yet the waterfalls are not the only attraction at Dunn’s River, as the ‘Cool Runnings’ Party Cruise takes party goers to Crystal Cove for a spot of Snorkelling before continuing the cruise and giving patrons a chance to rent a sea scooter.

Location: Ocho Rios, St Ann

Chukka at Good Hope Estate:
Chukka is the most varied of the locations, with package days offering you a different taste of this ever expanding estate.

For History buffs, a visit and guided tour to the preserved plantation at Good Hope Estate proves insight into Jamaica’s turbulent history under colonial rule, whilst the Exotic Bird Aviary and Horse and Carriage ride offers something different for those uninterested into the history of Sugar Cane and Rum production. For an additional fee, or even as an entire day independently, you are granted access to Appleton’s Estate where you can try their unique Rum blends.

Alternatively, if you would rather spend the day chasing your next adrenaline fix, the Thrill Seeker and Ultimate Thrill Seeker passes offer you not only access to everything listed prior, but also a chance to pilot, or become a passenger in a Dune Buggy/ATV, take part in a zipline and River Tubing or Kayaking experience, and round the day off with a challenge course. For children, a play area and adventure course are available, and a swimming pool, leisure area, open lunch and bar are available at any time during your day.

Location: Falmouth, Trelawny

Braco Adventure Tours:
Braco Adventure Tours offers yet another opportunity for a unique experience of the island, the difference?  This time you will be swimming with horses.

The horse riding day has little information to be given away, though guests are to expect to tackle an easy trail on horseback, which then diverges into a section where you and your steed swim across some distances with you and the rest of the group. Private sessions are available.

Bob Marley Museum:
Bob Marley is widely considered to be the most famous export of Jamaican Culture, arguably of all time. Visit the place where the legend grew up and the town in which he lived.

Caution: whilst this destination is a cultural and historic hotspot, it is a location that has attracted those with an affinity for the plant in which Bob Marley is so famous to have smoked. Coupled with the decriminalisation laws Jamaica has adopted towards marijuana, it is ill advised you go if you do not want to be near a drug taking or smoking environment.

Location: St Ann

John Hall’s Adventure Tour:
John Hall’s Tour offers those who may be reluctant to leave their hotel, the most realistic experience of Jamaica for a day.

Designed as a cultural and landmark based day, travellers can expect to venture into the Jamaican countryside whilst learning about the history, culture and development of the island and its peoples.

Lunch is provided in the cost, as well as a visit to a local school in which the children will interact with you and tell you stories about their lives in Jamaica.

Location: Montego Bay, St James

Black River:
Once considered the longest river in Jamaica at 53.4km, Black River is home to over 100 different species of Bird and is an active fishing site for those looking for ‘hot pepper shrimps’. Catching these shrimps is tricky, yet the technique used to catch them was invented by slaves on the island over 300 years ago.

An excellent trip for a day of birdwatching and sightseeing.

Location: Black River, St Elizabeth