Black History Month Message from Tim Farron MP

Black History Month is an opportunity for us all to reflect on Britain’s diversity and rich culture, as well as serving as a reminder of the inequality that still exists.


This year, more so than others, the significance of Black History Month cannot be overlooked. Following the referendum result we have seen a rise in racist attacks and xenophobic hate crimes reminding us that we must remain vigilant against division, and always celebrate our differences as well as our shared humanity and compassion.

Britain leads the world in so many different arenas from the Olympic medal leaders board to university league tables thanks to the diversity of those who have made this country their home and we must always strive to remain open and united against intolerance. The continued standing of this island depends on the contribution of all of those who live, work and study here – many from BME communities, some who have been here for hundreds of years and others who are newer arrivals.

Once again, the sheer number and quality of the events and activities being put on to celebrate Black History Month this year is breathtaking.  It promises to be another wonderful year filled with talent and joy. I wish everyone a successful and enjoyable Black History Month and offer my congratulations and thanks to all those involved in making it a success.

Tim Farron MP
Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Too bad the Lib Dems have only ever elected 1 BME MP in their history and have a record of racism.

Lib Dem MPs are elected by the electorate, not the Party. The Lib Dems have several BME Peers including Baroness Benjamin. Surely the very act of putting an article on the BHM site shows that the Lib Dems want more diversity in their ranks?

As a member of the Liberal Democrats, and part of a team working to continue to develop the diversity and inclusion in the party, I can vouch that there is a will to shape the party to better represent the country that we actually live in.

As a member of the party it is absurd to refer to racism in it. Labour was once my political home, it is easier for them to get BAME victories because it is easier for them to get to victory full stop !

I think as the Liberal Democrats have at times actually had the largest number of BAME parliamentary candidates, but do not get many mps elected because as a party have no really safe seats, such criticism as above is not correct.

The work of peers such as Floella Benjamin , Shas Sheehan , Merule Ece , many others in the party such as Lester Holloway, we do not have anything to be ashamed of and much to approve of. Except our outrageously unfair electoral system.

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