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Pelé - The Worlds favourite footballer

He is widely regarded as the best football player of all time. In 1999, he was voted Football Player of the Century by the IFFHS International Federation of Football History and Statistics. In the same year French weekly magazine France-Football consulted their former "Ballon D'Or" winners to elect the Football Player of the Century.


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Bayard Rustin - Gay man in the Civil Rights Movement.   


This is the story of a man that was part of the civil rights movement and was also gay


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Scotland and Slavery

Scots proudly played their part in the abolition of the trade. But for a time we misted over our role as perpetrators of this barbarism. Many of  Scotish industries, schools and churches were founded from the profits of African slavery.





The Welsh abolitionists

At the end of the 18th century many people in Wales, and across Britain, became revolted by slavery's cruelty and began campaigning for its abolition

Liverpool and the slave trade

Liverpool was a major slaving port and its ships and merchants dominated the transatlantic slave trade in the second half of the 18th century.



Bradford Adoption and Fostering

We are looking for people who are interested in becoming carers.


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Ottobah Cugoano the first African to demand total abolition of slavery

Ottobah Cugoano, was an African abolitionist who was active in England in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Captured and sold into slavery at the age of 13 in present-day Ghana, he was shipped to Grenada.

The Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic slave trade or trans-atlantic slave trade took place across the Atlantic ocean from the 16th through to the 19th centuries. The vast majority of slaves transported to the New World were Africans from the central and western parts of the continent, sold by Africans to European slave traders who then transported them to the colonies in North and South America.

Maya Angelou



Caribbean Women and the NHS.

Caribbean women made a significantly vital contribution to NHS during its formative years

From 1955, the British government had devised various schemes to assist with fares to Britain, but many recruits ended up funding their own journey in whatever way they could.

Young Caribbean migrants - growing up in the UK

Little is known about the experiences of young Caribbean migrants and the children of migrants before the wave of large scale migration in the mid-20th century. There were sizable Black communities in Cardiff, Liverpool and South Shields but it is likely that for most growing up was a question of struggling to assimilate to life in England as unobtrusively as possible.

Marcus Garvey (1887 - 1940)

Garvey was a Jamaican-born black nationalist who created a 'Back to Africa' movement in the United States. He became an inspirational figure for later civil rights activists.

Olaudah Equiano - prominent African involved in the British movement for the abolition of the slave trade.

Olaudah Equiano, was a prominent African involved in the British movement for the abolition of the slave trade. He was enslaved as a child, purchased his freedom, and worked as an author, merchant, and explorer in South America, the Caribbean, the Arctic, the American colonies, and the United Kingdom, where he settled by 1792.

Val Mccalla -Founder of Europe's largest ever black newspaper "The Voice"

Val McCalla is best known as the founder of The Voice, Europe's largest ever black newspaper aimed at the Britain's black community. He founded it in 1982 as a voice for the British African-Caribbean

Olympic hurdler Colin Jackson

Colin Ray Jackson CBE (born 18 February 1967) is a Welsh former sprint and hurdling athlete who specialised in the 110 metres hurdles. Over his career representing Great Britain and Wales he won an Olympic silver medal, became world champion three times, went undefeated at the European Championships for 12 years and was a two-time Commonwealth champion.


James Peters the 1st Black Rugby Player

James Peters (August 1879 - 26 March 1954) was an English rugby union player and, later, a rugby league player. He is notable as the first black man to play rugby union for England. He was also known as "Darkie Peters".


Alice Coachman - first African American gold medallist    

In London in 1948, Alice Coachman became the first African American to win a gold medal, when she won the high jump competition. She was also the only female American athlete to win a medal of any kind at these Olympics.