A Discussion: Underrepresentation of Black and Ethnic Minority Women in Scottish Politics

Wednesday 28 October 5 - 6pm Online talk

Learn more about the impact of the underrepresentation of Black and Ethnic Minority women and discover some of the possible solutions.


Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh OBE, Scotland’s first and only female BAME MP, and Fatima Zahra Jojiy, a director of the 50:50 Parliament campaign dedicated to an inclusive and gender-balanced parliament, will participate in a panel discussion to consider why there is such underrepresentation of Black women and women from  within other ethnic minority groups in Scottish politics and understand the impact this has and discuss approaches to address the issue.

Booking is required for this online event. 

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh OBE and Fatima Zahra Jojiy
This is an online event
Online booking available

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