Hot in Here

Monday 17th October

By Pigfoot, a multi award-winning theatre company telling stories about the climate crisis, with the least carbon impact possible.


A protest. A theatre show. An energy-generating dance-party.

HOT IN HERE celebrates action taking place around the world for climate justice.

Developed from conversations with climate activists across the globe, HOT IN HERE uses dance, real-life stories, spoken word, and music to share the action taking place internationally against climate injustice, and the UK’s place within it.

The show is powered by the first energy-harvesting dancefloor in live theatre. Like the collective action needed to tackle the climate emergency, the dancefloor converts the collective energy of the performers’ bodies into electricity. Come join the movement. Everyone’s invited.

Made in collaboration with young people taking action at the frontlines of the climate crisis, predominantly in the Global South and nearest the Equator.

Co-produced by the Gate Theatre, commissioned and supported by Camden People’s Theatre.