Windrush 75, Not Out!!

Friday 23th june

Windrush Cricket “75 Not Out” The Windrush Generation and the Importance of Cricket


One of the sports that the Windrush Generation embraced and excelled at was cricket.

Cricket was already popular in the Caribbean when the Windrush Generation arrived in the UK. Therefore, it was not surprising that they continued playing and watching the sport as a way of connecting with their roots and finding solace in an unfamiliar land. Cricket also helped them to form new social networks and establish a sense of community with other Caribbean migrants.

Over time, cricket became an integral part of the Windrush Generation’s cultural identity, and they started forming their teams and leagues. These leagues not only provided a platform for friendly competition but also served as a source of pride and empowerment for the Caribbean community in the UK.

Today, the legacy of the Windrush Generation and their love for cricket lives on, as evidenced by the upcoming cricket event scheduled to take place on 23rd June 2023 at Bradford Park Avenue. This event will feature elders from the Windrush Generation, who will showcase their skills and share their stories with the younger generation.

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