2023 – Unison Year Of Black Workers

Thursday 20th July

2023 has been designated UNISON’s Year of Black Workers. Anyone can attend you do not need to be in Unison or work for Brent Council


Given the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on Black workers and communities, layered on top of decades of structural and institutional racism, this is an appropriate time to celebrate UNISON’s long history of achievement on Black Workers rights. So please join us at Brent Unison’s Year of Black Workers Event with our host Patricia Wharton (Blaze), Guest Speakers, Djembe Drummers, Comedian, Poet, Networking, Stalls, free Food and Drink.

Doors open at 4pm for registration.

First 100 people to arrive on the day will receive a free goody bag and a free fruit or rum punch.