Family Tree

Friday 27 August - Monday 30 August 2021

Family Tree is a new play by Mojisola Adebayo, inspired by the life of Henrietta Lacks. Co-commissioned by ATC and the Young Vic.


Artistic Director of Actors Touring Company (ATC) Matthew Xia will direct a work-in-progress of Family Tree by Mojisola Adebayo, a new play inspired by the life of Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman, whose cells were harvested and cultivated without her consent after her death from cervical cancer in 1951. The so-called HeLa cells have been vital to studying disease, decoding the human genome, and have even contributed to the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. Questioning themes around exploitation and ethics in healthcare, this powerful, site-responsive promenade piece will be performed at Charlton House from 27-30 August.

Supported by: Arts Council England, Royal Greenwich Festivals. Commissioned by ATC and the Young Vic, and presented for outdoor premiere by ATC, the Young Vic, and FESTIVAL.ORG.