Tracing African Caribbean Ancestry |The 1817 Slave Registers Uncovered

Tuesday 24th October

In association with Brent Council, Paul Crooks blends Black History and his Family History to bring back stories of Caribbean and to life.


Paul Crooks shares his expertise in tracing Black history and ancestry by delving into the origins of slavery registers. In this talk, he explores how he used these registers to uncover his own family’s past and how they can be used to support exploration into Black Ancestry, Black History, and self-worth. The event is part of the Ancestry Talks with Paul Crooks’ Season of Empowering Black History.

This talk is perfect for those interested in gaining a better appreciation of the following:

  • Blending African diaspora history and ancestry
  • How slavery registers can reveal personal backstories of Caribbean and North American people
  • What the 1817 slave registers reveal about the roots of racial inequality

This talk is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their knowledge and understanding of Black History, whether they’re new to exploring family history or have some experience searching for their ancestors and want to know about other sources of information.

About the speaker

Paul Crooks, a Genealogy Specialist and Black history speaker, will discuss tracing Black British ancestry and how he overcame specific barriers in family history research in this masterclass. Using his pioneering research methods, Paul will share advice on tracing African Caribbean roots, demonstrate how to use public records for research, and provide insights on overcoming challenges in family history research. This event is part of the Ancestry Talks with Paul Crooks’ Season of Empowering Black History and is suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience in genealogy research who want to expand their knowledge of Black history.

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