Pilani Bubu – Live at The Rose Hill + special guests

Saturday 8 July

Experience the captivating stories of Pilani Bubu, music coloured with percussive vocals, poetry, spoken word and rap.


Join us as we delve into the mesmerising world of Pilani Bubu. This is an experience like no other – a night of captivating performances that will leave you giddy with goosebumps and a glow in your cheeks.

Pilani Bubu is a true musical innovator, seamlessly blending jazzy folk soul into a genre-defying masterpiece. Her songs delve deep into the essence of culture, identity, love, and spirituality, resonating with authenticity and heartfelt emotion. Brace yourself for the power of her mesmerising vocals, the energy that radiates from the stage, and the pure artistry that fills the air.

“A magnificent discovery, truly original, with a remarkable touch to combine with her folk and her astonishing vibrato with atmospheres alternately jazz-world, trad’, soul-pop and afro, where very urban with these numerous and percussive spoken words which borrow from hip hop and rap.” JAZZ-RHONE-ALPES

Pilani Bubu is nothing short of a modern-day Miriam Makeba. A multifarious artist, singer-songwriter, storyteller, poet, TV presenter, creative entrepreneur, activist and curator, Pilani’s relentless energy has no limits. Coming from a lineage of traditional South African healers and light-workers known as sangoma, Pilani harnesses the technology of music to transmit meaningful stories about her lived experience, inherited knowledge and ancestral wisdom.

Her project Folklore – Chapter 1 won Best African Adult Contemporary Album at the South African Music Awards (SAMA26) with its spellbinding fusion of folk, jazz and soul with her local sounds, carrying a wealth of tradition forwards into today’s world. A breath of fresh air amongst Africa’s modern output, Folklore digs deep into roots and culture to find ways in which to uplift the continent. Her music is medicine in itself. Infused with healing energy, Pilani addresses social and interpersonal subjects with a simple honesty and transparency that leaves the audience in a state of elevated consciousness. With Folklore – Chapter 2 due in 2023, the artist expands on mapping out social and interpersonal topics faced in South Africa, offering lessons from the past and a hand in shaping our shared future.

Over the past decade, Pilani Bubu has made waves as an emerging artist, gracing stages at renowned music venues and festivals worldwide. From the Drum Beat Festival and Grahamstown National Arts Festival in South Africa to international events like Jazz on The Roof Top in Romania and the Musique Metisse Festival in France, Pilani has captivated audiences with her magnetic performances. Notable career highlights include licensing and collaborating with Maya Angelou’s estate, securing synch rights for her songs on the South African Netflix series ‘The Brave Ones,’ and earning nominations and awards for her creative work at the prestigious Loeries awards. Pilani Bubu’s career is a testament to her artistic prowess and global impact.

With Folklore, Pilani seeks to use the technology of music as a medium to capture and preserve our heritage and culture. She has founded the Folklore Community, a culture and heritage project, with a lifelong commitment to document and share our folklore with the next generation. Folklore encompasses undocumented beliefs, customs, tales, proverbs, jokes, and various art forms passed down through generations by word of mouth. Through the Folklore community, Pilani aims to provide a platform for holders of indigenous knowledge systems to share their work and document their own stories. Recently, Pilani Bubu launched the Folklore Festival, a multi-disciplinary platform that interweaves various art forms in indigenous African storytelling. The second edition will be held in Johannesburg in autumn 2023 where we join Pilani in this captivating journey of preserving our cultural roots.

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