MON 20.03 5:30PM (60 MINS) £3

We all carry many different labels of identity: Religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, some of which we claim for our selves, others which are imposed upon us. We may choose to proudly represent some of the identities we adopt through our actions, words and the way we present ourselves in our appearance. But the immediate visibility of these categories is obviously very variable. In this On The Couch discussion, we consider what ‘ visibility’ means in different cases and reflect on how the visibility of different categories of identity effects the way in which people relate to themselves and others.

Chair Juliet Jacques (Journalist)

Panel includes Yaa Asare (University of Brighton), Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (US. Curator, cultural producer, community organizer, artist, and poet) and The Vacuum Cleaner (Artist & Activist).

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