Bristol: My Roots: Senegal, Sabar

Sunday 14th August

The first workshop in the Sabar Family Workshop Series


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The workshop series starts in my homeland – motherland Africa, Senegal. I was born and raised in a West-African Griot family in Senegal, I feel incredibly grateful to have such strong roots and knowledge of my tradition and the history of my people. This cultural connection has nourished me; giving me firm foundations to start a new life in Britain without forgetting the values that have shaped me. The Griot’s duty is to keep culture, bear news, tell stories, entertain and educate their people just as the many generations before them have done. The first workshop will focus on drumming, singing, story-telling and dancing to the traditional rhythm Baranbaye. Drumming with Dembis Thioung and Baye Ngom, Singing and story-telling with my mother (live video) and dancing with me, Batch Gueye.

Sunday 14th August, St Werburghs Community Centre BS2 9TJ

12-12.15: Introduction: Batch Gueye

12.15-1.30: Sabar Drumming: Baranbaye Rhythm: Dembis Thioung & Baye Ngom

1.45-2.30: Singing & History: Baranbaye: Batch Gueye’s mother

2.45- 4.45: Sabar Dance: Baranbaye Rhythm: Batch Gueye