Black Ballad Presents: Honey & Spice with Bolu Babalola

Friday 12th May

Bolu Babalola will be in conversation with Black Ballad’s Head of Editorial, Jendella Benson, to discuss her debut book, Honey & Spice!


Do you want to spend an evening with one of the most brilliant romance writers this country has to offer? Well, Black Ballad is making it happen on May 12th, when Bolu Babalola will be in conversation with everyone’s favourite Head of Editorial, Jendella Benson.

The pair will be discussing Bolu’s debut novel, Honey & Spice, including how she created *that* love story between the novel’s main characters, Kiki and Malakai, how she approaches writing and why she is committed to centring black women in the love stories she creates.

No doubt this conversation will be full of wit, humour and optimism as we delve into Bolu’s journey as a writer. Of course, there will be time for you, the audience, to ask the wittiest writer on Beyoncé’s internet the questions you want to know.

Beyond this brilliant conversation, you’ll be able to network with other brilliant black women with alcoholic beverages in hand, courtesy of the Brixton Brewery.