Rose and the Burma Sky, with Rosanna Amaka in conversation with author Louise Hare

Tuesday 17th October

Join authors Rosanna Amaka and Louise Hare in conversation discussing Rosanna’s latest novel, Rose and the Burma Sky


1939: In a village in south-east Nigeria on the brink of the Second World War, young Obi watches from a mango tree as a colonial army jeep speeds by, filled with soldiers laughing and shouting, their buttons shining in the sun. To Obi, their promise of a smart uniform and regular wages is hard to resist, especially as he has his sweetheart Rose to impress and a family to support.

Years later, when Rose falls pregnant to another man, his heart is shattered. As the Burma Campaign mounts, and Obi is shipped out to fight, he is haunted by the mystery of Rose’s lover. When his identity comes to light, Obi’s devastation leads to a tragic chain of unexpected events.

Rosanna Amaka is the author of The Book of Echoes and Rose and the Burma Sky. Louise Hare’s latest book is the fantastic Harlem After Midnight.