Travel Things Museum – Annual Exhibition

NOVEMBER 14 - 28th 11:30


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Travel Things Museum 2020 Annual Exhibition

The show will be distinguished by playful explorations of curation showing the beauty of everyday life across the world. Exhibiting collections of everyday objects that reflect on the ways we understand and appreciate physical objects in the digital age and how they shape our perception of global life today.

Collection Highlights:

  • Amazing Asia
  • All in Black
  • Zoomorphism
  • Celebrities & Icons
  • Natural Materials
  • Late Summer on Corfu Island
  • Curiosity Quiz

The collection has been procured and assembled under the expert eye of curator Jill Tsai and is a testimony to a very keen sense of pride in and knowledge of the visual arts. It is a considered, insightful and valuable collection, providing a narrative on visual art through sounds, pictures and moving images.

Special showcase – Life beyond the Windrush:

Artifacts from Travel Things Museum’s approach to collecting, the everyday objects curated from three Caribbean Islands – Barbados, Jamaica and St. Lucia. Featuring Caribbean and West Indian everyday objects and photography.

Museum pop-up concept store:

Offering an opportunity to own unique everyday objects, exclusive collectibles, artisan and culture-inspired design items that originated from across the globe.

* Card-only and please bring your own carrier bags, treat yourself and the environment too.

Online Talk event program on 19th November:

** Ticket required **

• Cemeteries around the world

14:00 – 15:00 Applied Artist Carla Conte

• Gum trails around London

15:00 – 16:00 British Artist Ben Wilson – aka the Chewing Gum Man

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