Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita

Wednesday 1th June

Multi-award winning duo Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita tour the UK in 2022 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their inspiring musical collaboration which combines Wales and Senegal, harp and kora, the classical and traditional, different cultures and common humanity.


The occasion is marked by the duo’s release of their third album ECHO in May 2022, the tender triumph of an extraordinary partnership, described as “one of the most popular world music acts of this decade” (Songlines), that has thrilled audiences in their thousands.

Catrin plays the harp, and Seckou the West African kora, two instruments sharing an ancient history of storytelling and courtly entertainment passed down through generations. Inspired by their own connections and roots, Catrin and Seckou create something entirely their own, presenting a unique dialogue of cultures and a musical alliance of rare empathy.

Their previous two albums, Clychau Dibon (2013) and SOAR (2018), have won multiple awards and Catrin and Seckou were named Best Duo/Band at the most recent BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Their atmospheric magic crosses genre boundaries, from folk and world to classical and contemporary as their fingers flow like opposing tributaries into a single river of sound.