Deloitte BHM Panel – Identity: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Thursday 26 October

Join us for a celebration of black identity on Thursday 26th October 2023. This will be a hybrid event and doors will open at 6pm.


As we celebrate and turn the light on black history, the question of “who am I?” becomes increasingly more pertinent. Conversations around inclusion, diversity and intersectionality bring into sharp focus the need to understand and appreciate the multifaceted aspects of identity in our multicultural societies.

What determines and influences the formation of an identity? How do you develop a sense of self? How can you be truly happy with your authentic self?

This hybrid (in-person and virtual) event will be a thought-provoking panel discussion followed by networking opportunities, with refreshments available for those attending in person. Our esteemed panelists are:

  • Justice Williams MBE – Social entrepreneur and Co-Founder & Editor in Chief at Black Business Magazine
  • Bosun Apata – Co-founder of DLT (Days Like This) and Vice President at Citi Bank
  • Rob Cullen – Deloitte Consulting Managing Partner
  • Danielle Burrowes – Deloitte Financial Advisory Partner

Join us and get involved in this thought-provoking discussion that will mark the culmination of Black History Month. This will be a hybrid event with limited seating within our office in London. The event will begin at 6:30pm.

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