Thursday 9 May

Shabaka Hutchings, a pioneering voice in the renaissance of British Jazz, reintroduces himself with his brand new album Perceive its Beauty, Acknowledge its Grace. 


With a musical background that began with playing in calypso bands and practicing his classical repertoire over hip hop beats, to playing the saxophone is various bands Shabaka Hutchings reintroduces himself with this flute forward album.

In this new exploration he has employed a variety of flutes, including the Japanese Shakuhachi, which he started playing in 2020. Since then Shabaka has seen it change the scope of his ‘inner musical landscape’. 

Tapping into a remarkable range of players to collaborate with on Perceive its Beauty, Acknowledge its Grace, gathering them in the Rudy Van Gelder’s studio to capture the atmosphere of simply playing together.

With this album, Shabaka taps into the spirit of exploration and defiance of genre that he feels best represents his musical journey.

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