Hometown Sessions Edinburgh: Horseman & Hometown Promotion Soundsystem

Friday 10 September - Saturday 11 September 2021

Glasgow’s Reggae Sound System Rockers invite the great Horseman


We’re taking Hometown Sessions to Edinburgh’s best underground music venue, The Bongo Club. We’ll be stringing up the full sound system and we’ve enlisted one of the best UK deejays to the microphone section for the occasion. Step forward:

Hailing from Brixton, SW London, Horseman is an ever present figure in reggae and sound system music in the last 35 years. Whether behind the mixing desk, on the drum stool or commanding the mic section, the Horse always comes correct. With a dancehall hits like “Horsemove” stretching back over 30 years, to releases on seminal JA labels like Jammys, Redman, Souljie and Black Scorpio, up to the more recent “Dawn of the Dread” album, and a constant string of works with Brighton’s Prince Fatty, Daddy Horse is one of the most prolific reggae artists around who’s quality has never faltered. It’s our honour to welcome him to Hometown Sessions

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