Ode to Maud

Thursday 27th October

In celebration of Maud Sulter, Rhubaba presents its new moving image piece, MAUD, and publication, PASSIONS.


Maud Sulter [1960 – 2008] was a Scottish-Ghanaian woman artist born in the Glasgow Gorbals. Maud had an extremely diverse output of artistry; writing, image-making, curating, filmmaking, and sound. Her significance on multiple fronts – as a Black Scottish, Black British, African, Ghanian, queer, working class and female artist has until recently largely gone uncelebrated.

Join Rhubaba at the National Library of Scotland for ‘Ode to Maud’, to celebrate the release and launch of moving image piece MAUD and publication PASSIONS, inspired by Maud Sulter’s book Passion: Discourses on Black Creativity.

MAUD is a love letter to Maud Sulter, a moment to place her in contemporary Scottish culture and history, and a call to celebrate her life’s work and legacy.

Drink on arrival.

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