Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas & Eduardo Martín

FRI 14 MAY 2021 19:30

When Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas first heard the music of fellow countryman Eduardo Martín he felt euphoric.

Martín’s style has an expansive sense of freedom that taps into pre-Columbus traditions, jazz, flamenco, pop, Afro and traditional Cuban.

The guitar is his favoured instrument to mirror the melodic and rhythmic intricacies of the Americas’ cultural diversity.

Before moving to England, Dickinson Cárdenas took lessons with Eduardo and their friendship, idiosyncratic empathy and mutual respect has since transformed into a vehicle that connects, incorporates and juxtaposes their different generations, their musical ideas and ultimately the spiritual journey that drives this unique record.

This recital is an introduction to of some of Eduardo’s most alluring works for two guitars, where rock merges with son montunos; old Yoruba chants, feel-good rumbas, funk-boleros, new age tunes and cinematic pieces sit alongside Cuban tumbaos with slap bass.

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Acrílicos en la sonrisa
Sones y Flores* Hasta Alicia baila

Suite Antillas
Paso de los vientos
Puesta del sol

Suite Habana
Lugares Comunes
Sol y sombras

Aguas profundas*
Hasta Alicia baila

Preludio Rezo y Canto a Obatalá

* Eduardo Martín/ Walfrido Dominguez

Within my musical congregation I regard Eduardo as the Piazzolla of Cuban Guitar. Only individuals with an impressive level of sensibility can convey such degrees of happiness, pleasure and melancholic love to life and to a nation…. I am happy to say that Eduardo only creates masterpieces | Oscar Ghiglia, World Radio Geneva

TICKETS: £15 | £12 (concs)
Running time: 110 min including interval