Nigerian Festival UK

Saturday 18th June

Nigerian Festival UK is a day-long event to showcase and celebrate the cultural richness & unique heritage of Nigerians living in the UK.


OUR VISION: is to be the most reliable, innovative and creative organisers of the largest outdoor event gathering of Nigerians in the UK, through celebrating and showcasing the strength and beauty in our diversity, enhancing the exceptional enterprise of our people, confidence, patriotism, and resilience.

OUR MISSION: is to promote and preserve Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and diversity. To bridge the cultural gap between the several generations of Nigerians living in the UK. We aim to educate British-born Nigerians who may not have had the opportunity to learn about Nigeria’s culture and traditions on a first-hand basis. To foster community cohesion by bringing people together to explore, enjoy and celebrate a unique and distinctive Nigerian way of life. To create community empowerment and enhance capacity-building. To promote inter-racial tolerance and harmony by bringing together the different ethnic mix of people living in the host Borough and those expected to attend the festival from all around the UK and the world. In effect, through this event, we aim to correct the general misconceptions about Nigeria and indeed, Nigerians. To bridge the cultural gap between the UK and Nigeria and contribute towards the socio-economic revitalisation of Nigeria. To inform and educate the world about our history and enormous rich natural resources. To showcase Nigeria as an interesting tourism destination to visit, live and invest in.

OUR CORE VALUES: We value excellence, collaboration and inclusion, unity, equality, integrity, respect and understanding.