PRIM Presents… Illustrators to the Front

Sunday15th May

PRIM and Penguin Random House’s Ebury Publishing lead a 2-hour workshop to give you all the tips you need to be the next book cover designer


To complement the NOW Gallery 2022 Young Artist Commission by Joy Yamusangie Feeling Good. PRIM is offering an interactive workshop designed to provide illustrators with insight and the tools to earn commissions in publishing. Our friends at Penguin Random House’s Ebury Publishing have agreed to lead a free 2-hour workshop to give you all the tips you need to be the next book cover designer. You could also earn yourself an actual paid commission for a paperback book with Ebury Publishing. Ebury is the home of non-fiction and publishers of works such as You Are Your Best Thing, Living Whilst Black and Micheala Coel’s Misfitz. Queer and Black priority but open to all.


PRIM is a unique digital platform dedicated to educating, connecting, documenting and sharing the myriad of Black storytelling mediums that exist. Our goal is to make stories of African, Caribbean and Afro-Latinx fam accessible to all. From a pioneering author’s catalogue and written stories to art, films, documentaries, photography and more, you’ll find it all on

Also, some thoughts on what we can do alongside the workshop – in keeping with PRIM’s overall focus to expand everyone’s bookshelves we would be interested in curating a small library filled with works focusing on illustration, sculpture work, animation and fine art by or centring African, Caribbean and Afro-Latin artists.