Black History Season Zine Making Adults by Hackney Archives

Wednesday 10 November 2021

As part of Hackney Archives Black History Season, join us in a safe, encouraging and creative space to make your own ‘Per-zine’


Zines (pronounced ‘zeens’) are a cheap and easily made DIY little booklet. Perzines mean “personal zines- content that is written about one’s own personal experiences and observations

Using a range of materials, images and content specifically around celebrating Black History Season participants will create a little zine around your own view of the world.

The workshop specifically aims to readdress and carve out a space and amplify Black voices and culture.

You will be supplied with a free little zine pack with everything you need to get creative! Please book by 1st November so your zine pack can be sent out to you.

You will then emailed a zoom link to join the session.

Feel free to email us for more information

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