Voyages in Music: The Caribbean Connection

Sunday 18 June

A hybrid band creating a dramatic response to the story of the Windrush Generation, the Transatlantic slave trade and the African diaspora.


We are a hybrid of non-standard instrumentalists featuring Tabla, Ghuzeng, Kpanlogo, dikanza (and many more)jazz players who share a love of traditional cross cultural music forms.

In this one of show, we will tell the story of Windrush 75, the Transatlantic slave trade and the African Diaspora in a dynamic and unique musical journey.

GUO musicians are experts in their own global musical traditions – South Asian, African, Caribbean and Latin American. The Re:Generation band members are the experienced musicians of the Grand Union Youth Orchestra who are on the threshold of a professional career , and continue to compose pieces rooted from the music and ethos of GUO in its ever-evolving traditions.

Find out more about GUO and our Unforgotten Voyages programme through Grand Union website

Catch our usual ReGeneration Band monthly gigs at our Poplar Union monthly residency


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