Cultural Competency Training:Racial Identity Theory & African-Centred Perspectives

Monday, 25 September 2017 from 09:00 to 15:30

The training is for 25 senior managers in key strategic organisation’s in Haringey who want to form part of the Improving Outcomes for Young Black Men partnership in London.

Over the decade’s numerous research has shown how racial identity and discrimination can affect outcomes (particularly mental health) for young black men in the UK (Robinson, 2000;Bhugra & Bhui, 2010). It would be effective to run a similar training/workshop for the community themselves, as there is evidence to show that addressing such concepts can aid with empowering the African/African-Caribbean community (economically, educationally and family structure) (Grills, 2001).

Service professionals (i.e. teachers, managers, directors, public sector staff, etc.) would benefit from ‘Cultural Competency Training’ – that would be somewhat different to other well-known commonly held framework of cultural competency training; it would address: unconscious bias, our own racial identity and how we navigate the world within such stages, how societal racism plays an interwoven role on the latter processes.


To be challenging and provocative to help all partners reflect on their biases and assumptions by looking at racial identity status and consider how this might impact on organisation strategy and delivery.

To help delegates develop their own understanding of how unconscious bias, racial identity and culture (European & African-Centred World-views) influences the way we think and act and how we understand ourselves and the world around us.

To be empowering and solution focused so that it challenges and provokes but also gives delegates the tools/organizational strategies) to take actions forward in their organisation’s.


Expert understanding of racial identity theory and the concept of cultural competency and of how these theories and concepts can be applied to practice, strategy and decision making.

Good understanding and over 10 years of the public-sector context and local experience and knowledge (particularly in North/East London), as well as working in the community and the voluntary sector.

With over 15 years of working in mental health – young people and adults.

Track record for over 8 years in delivering relevant training / consultancy on Racial Identity.

Several years of research conducted for PHD dissertation and publication pending.

Consultancy services provided to Mental health services aiming to engage culturally appropriately with African/African-Caribbean service users. Also, racial/cultural-specific supervision sessions provided to generic health professionals.


Aims of training:

The aim of the workshop/training is to provide senior managers with an in-depth understanding of the concepts of Racial Identity Theory and African-centred perspectives (RIACP).

Training Objectives/Outcome:

By the end of the training the delegates will be able to:

Understand the evolution, role and impact of low and high racial identity attitudes.

Develop better leadership practices/behaviours that focus on being more racially-culturally aware, competent and inclusive with service users & staff.

Understand how to identify and challenge certain racial identity attitudes at a personal and service user level.

To understand how racial identity attitudes impact on everyday interactions for how people navigate their world views.

Identify what components that perpetuate low racial identity attitudes & post-traumatic slave syndrome symptoms, which plays a part in Internalised Racism.

Raising conscious awareness of one’s own racial identity and how to utilise an ‘optimal’ healthy racial identity.

Adapt and Implement these components for African and African-Caribbean service users to develop a culturally competent framework for practice in your organisation.

25th September 2017

Haringey MIND

73C Stapleton Hall Rd, Stroud Green, London N4 3QF

Start – 09:30hr – 16:00hr

Registration at 09:00hr

Two days Training into ONE !

£130.00 for entry ticket (not inclusive of EB fee)


Tea & Coffee


Cancellations of training courses are subject to a 25% administration fee where the cancellation is made more than one calendar month before the date of the training course. No refund is payable for a cancellation made within the calendar month immediately prior to the training course – in this event the full sum shown on the invoice remains payable.