WINDRUSH L.I.V.E (Leave Ignorance, Value Education, Enterprise & Excellence…

Mon, 24 June 2019 19:00 – 21:30

The Windrush Leave Ignorance, Value Education, Enterprise & Excellence” (L.I.V.E) project honours the memories of those migrants, many responding to a heartfelt open invitation from the then British government, who arrived to rebuild the UK alongside the war-spirited indigenous working-class populace. Together, their memories can only serve to help inspire, encourage, empower and be a living example of the positive ethics of hard work, ambition and self-determination to progress, despite cultural, geographical, societal, racial and educational setbacks.
Primarily, this event is for young people, especially those of the Caribbean Diaspora, to glean a greater appreciation of the experiences of those who arrived in the UK, during the Windrush era; 1948 onwards. One outcome is to glean from their forefathers’ wealth of experience in progressing, overcoming and achieving
It further encourages all British youths to recognise the importance of the Caribbean migrants who added economic and social value to UK society, for the long-term betterment of all.
The Windrush era provided the opportunity to improve individual’s economic status, both Caribbean and indigenous, while assisting the redevelopment of the “motherland”. In all, it was a potentially win-win exercise.
The event outcomes are as follows:
To enable young people to interact with, and pose questions to, Windrush generation survivors, both Caribbean & indigenous, and learn:
How that generation’s experiences can enable them, as young people, to “Leave Ignorance, Value Education, Enterprise & Excellence” (L.I.V.E);
How the Windrush generation valued education, enterprise & excellence.
It is our aim and intention for the positive values from the Windrush era, to be recognised and implemented by young people in 2019 – and beyond.

The Windrush L.I.V.E Logo Explained
Red Africa = The blood shed there.
The rope = tying those of Caribbean heritage to Africa.
The first three colours – the Red, White & Blue represent the Union Jack, and the colours (some or all), usually appear in the flags of all English-speaking Caribbean countries, bar one.
The remaining colours complete the various colour arrangement of the Commonwealth Caribbean flags

Thank you
The Windrush Team
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