Classically British 2017

Friday 20th October

Classically British 2017 is again a destination during Black History Month; now in its 30th year.

This event’s sole purpose is to promote distinctive young British talent and bring new work to a broader audience. We will give you uplifting performances, bold choreography and authentic artistry. From dancers who share 1 goal; simply, to inspire your imagination.

We want to show you how the diversity of dance culture can reflect and celebrate differences. Whilst still embodying the belief that inclusiveness advances humanity. Dance can teach and help us all to understand this most important of life messages. Especially, as we need to hold perspective and hope in both hands to move forward through these challenging times.
Classically British 2017 continues to cross boundaries and this year’s programme will embrace the genres of Classical Ballet, Flamenco, Contemporary and Street. 3 of our featured artists will be:

Nathan Geering – an internationally acclaimed Street performer who’s pioneering work encompasses the emotional setting and his physical surroundings

Yinka Esi Graves – a former Portobello Dance student who uniquely explores the links between flamenco and other dance forms in her performance

Joey Barton – a dancer at the Rambert School and an ascending star, that we feel the need to shout about; as he begins his path to a prodigious career

On the afternoon of Friday October 20 local schools and colleges are very welcomed to an interactive event that includes: The dress rehearsal; a retrospective of Black dance pioneers and an open mic Q&A session.

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