Saturday 24th June 2017 - 10am – 5pm

You are invited to a ‘truly inspirational day’ with some awesome, influential people ready to share with you their concept on “I AM”!


This event is aimed at the whole family starting from age 8 upwards, come on down and let’s be Inspired together!

‘I Am Inspired’ brings together some wonderful players in the game under one roof to give you some inspiring inspiration! The day consists of ‘Authors’ of ‘Real Life’ Stories, Motivational Speakers from the age of ‘9’, Entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors, Publishers and a host of other valuable people willing to share. This will no doubt inspire you to make a change in your life if needed or motivate and support you to continue to reach out for your dreams and aspirations!

Our ‘Special’ invited guests will all be giving a Wealth of Inspiration, Knowledge & Power about ‘Who They Are’ as to theme of the day ‘I Am Inspired’ what it takes to be who they are and how to achieve Your Goals, Dreams and Desires!

There will be a chance to ‘Network’ so bring your business cards!

About the Keynote Speakers

Daivyne Bernard

Daivyne is 9 years old. He has a high interest in anything creative, from writing books, Arts & Crafts to Dancing. He also has a high passion for music.

We believe that he has been failed by the schooling system, as the curriculum was not challenging enough for him, so he has been taken out of state school and is now being home schooled. He is currently doing really well in this journey and his English work is at a year 6 grade and his Maths work is at a year 7 grade, which is Secondary school level and 2-3 years higher than his peers of his age group. Through home schooling he has also found a love for cooking and also has fun practicing science experiments.

Daivyne was shown how to use Word Publisher programme and took it upon himself to write and collate information on Martin Luther King, which is now a book which he seeks to Publish!

The response from his book has been overwhelming, as the information collected is very impressive. He has designed the book for young children to read and has even thought to put a Q & A section at the back.

We believe that this is only the beginning, with much more to come from Daivyne.

Khai Bailey Smith

Khai aka Limitless, I am 16 years old. I run my own black history business called Useni. I am a inspiring journalist, entrepreneur, videographer, photographer and motivational speaker. My inspiration comes from the fact that there are not many young people my age doing what I do; this motivates me to carry on and inspire other young people my age. To show them they can be just like me and they are truly Limitless.

Natalie Tomlinson

Natalie is a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor, trainer and quote creator. But before all this, she is a mother. She has a passion for teaching young ladies & young men to value and respect their true worth and discusses topics that many professionals tend to avoid.

Natalie is also the founder and director of The Sunday Essiett Company & co-founder and co-director of We Rock, the umbrella for All Girls Rock & All Boys Rock. She is the blogger of “Natalie’s SECtion” This blog is created to encourage, equip and build up young people to ensure that they know their worth. It is also a beneficial resource for those who support them.

Natalie has been working with young people for more than 20 years. When asked why she is so passionate about young people, her response is simply…

The way I see it, this generation will have a massive impact on any grandchildren I may have. Therefore, I must make a massive impact on this generation”.

Ace Ruele

Ace is an Actor, Mentor and Coach in Personal Development. “Ace Ruele is a reformed character who spent 4 and half years in prison for robbery with firearms! Now he works as a Mentor and Coach in self development with youths and adults, and has managed to establish himself as an actor, with roles in Eastenders, Brotherhood, BBC- New Blood, and the Hollywood movie Legend of Tarzan.”

Larry Young

Larry is President and CEO of Cost International Trading Ltd, a Reverse Logistics Acquisitions company with distribution in 27 Countries in Europe and North America using online sales platforms Amazon, eBay, Fnac etc. He graduated from Bristol Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration 1982. Larry has extensive business experience working for top 500 companies in London UK,. Larry has acquired a vast business experience in his early years, which includes warehousing, accounting, administration and sales. Larry became an entrepreneur in 1986 when with £300.00 in his pocket and dissatisfied with his management accounting job formed a property management partnership with his brother in law and by 1988 had acquired assets valued over £500,000. 1990 Larry relocated with his family to Toronto Canada, continuing to acquire real estate, Then in 2000 moved into IT and online sales where his company continues to grow today Larry lives by one motto “Use your past to build your future”

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin had a successful career in Corporate Sales in a variety of different industries for 16 years as a consistent high performer. On 5th May 2013, my life was turned upside down, inside out and back to front after a very minor fall had a catastrophic result on my life. That fall led me to suffer a spinal cord injury! During my 4 month stay in hospital, consisting of nearly 3 months in a spinal unit, I had the opportunity to reassess my life and really determine not only what was important to me but also the direction and consequently what I wanted my life to stand for. I am now a public speaker and life coach speaking about the power of the mind, leadership and choices. Adversity does not have to result in a negative outcome, it can spark a new life and a positive direction based on your perspective.

Dionne Wright

Dionne will be talking about Financial Education:-

How money works, how to beat the banks and how to plan for your retirement without relying on the government.

Also tips on how to become financially independent and debt free.

This is what I can offer for free:

– A Personalised Financial Plan

– Option to have a personalised Financial Game plan done for free I do this with individuals or families.

– Helping individuals/couples to complete a questionnaire to identify their present circumstances and future planning objectives. They will then receive a copy of their personal financial game plan to help them in making decisions for their financial future. Protection Insurance

– Educate individuals to identify their protection needs

– Life insurance and serious illness insurance to help you avoid financial hardship for you ad their families in the event of death or the onset of a serious illness.

– Debt Management

– Education on how to pay off Debt and mortgage sooner to become financially independent and debt free

– Education on how money works

– Retirement

– Education on how to save effectively towards your goals and dreams and retirement.

– Investments

Individuals who have money to invest can be introduced to investment programmes.

Lil Shan Shan

Real name Ashanti Johnson-Baiden is aged 9 and is a very talented Entrepreneur/ Model/ Actress/ Motivational Speaker/ Rapper/ Author of (SSS) Super Shan Shan, been writing her own music and storybooks since she was six years old. Lil Shan Shan idols range from her ‘parents’ to Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Lauren Hill, she has definitely been put on this earth to encourage people from all walks of life; a very inspirational little girl.

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