SUMMER of HEALTH – good health great wealth

Sat, 1 June 2019 14:00 – 20:30

After the success of the inaugural Summer of Health event last year in Brixton South London, this year instalment is going to be bigger and better. Health is one of if not the most important issue of our time. The theme this year is great health great wealth cause we know that for a mind to thrive it must develop in a healthy body. So book a wholistic health consultation and these practitioners will help you with any health related issue that you may have just developed or have had for some time now. Learn how your body with the right care and attention can heal itself. After all your quality of life is the most precious thing you have. Learn how health supplementation, body diagnostics can help improve mental and physical performance.

As you enter the business arena of the Summer of Health, you will find an array of wholistic health practices on offer but we know the savy shopper also looks for other items of personal interest so also on offer will be personal adornment, book stands with health related material and life coaches. Of course another very important issue of our time is our environment and so there will be stands offering environmentally friendly household products. Our vendors on the day will have some of the most unique health products you will find anywhere in London alongside the most beautiful crafts a true celebration of entrepreneurship.

Entry to the event is free on the day but you pay for the seminars and health therapies on offer. So purchase tickets for one or both of the seminars taking place, taught by very experienced practitioners in the field. Workshops are not gender specific so men could and should attend the fibroids workshop and women could and should attend the male workshop to understand each other’s health issues and how to offer support to each other.

Of course no day is complete without food to eat, so come ready to enjoy a range of delicious and healthy nutritious cuisine (all vegan), from vegetable stews, tofu and salads, to the best vegan cakes and other delights around. There will also be a healthy fruit and vegetable juice bar.

Bring the family and the children out as well for they can take part in children’s 5 a side, and adults ther will be on field workouts with an expert in fitness and training. Come out and have a wholistic and healthy day to remember.

Vendors who have already signed up to the business arena:


YOUR ALOE LIFE – Health & wellness, weight management, skin care, vitamins, minerals and health tonics. (All products are Aloe Vera based).

KMT RISING – Life coach, womb wellness and fibroid support services

MORINGA UK – Natural herbal teas and associated products of varying flavours.

YONILUV JOURNEY WOMB HEALING – Feminine holistic hygiene products and reproductive cleansing (womb cleansers, womb steams and more)

EMPRESS MINAS HEALING & SYMBOLIC JEWELRY – Creator of meaningful and affordable healing & symbolic fashion accessorise

GIFTS OF SOL (Spiritual Tiik) – Alternative health practitioner and motivational speaker on “living your truth” talks. Will provide information on the benefits of reiki, theta & sound healing.

NDULGE – Handmade natural & organic skincare products for dry and sensitive skin and a no nonsense spa range of well being remedies to soothe, heal and rejuvenate.

ANEW ADORN – beautiful bold print covered journals, handmade jewelry and coffee body scrubs

LIFE FORCE FITNESS – Fitness instructor will do live demonstrations on a range of techniques you can do to keep you in great shape on a daily basis.

HOUSE of LIGHT: doTerra essential oils.

SENETCHUT FOOTBALL: Bring the young ones out for a football sessions, whilst this 17yr old entrepreneur organises the children in 5 a side session, you the parent can then enjoy shopping, workouts, treatments and the seminars taking place. (£3 per child)

LOVE GIFT VEGAN: a blend of the finest African Caribbean vegan cuisine served up with special treats

HEALTHY DIVA 2: A unique all natural blend of nine herbs is designed to gently cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of toxins and supporting steady weight loss. A detox tea which will improve your weight management


MANDALA CREATIVE – African style interior soft furnishings and home adornment.

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