Blackness, Anarchy, Mysticism: A Poetics – Prof. J. Kameron Carter ONLINE

Thursday 28 October 2021

J. Kameron Carter works at the intersection of questions of race and the current ecological ravaging of the earth. He is interested in what these intertwined issues have to do with the modern world, generally, and with America (or rather the Americas), more specifically, as a unique religious situation or phenomenon.


He explores these matters with the resources of black critical theory, which is simply to say critical theory, combined with theories of the sacred and languages drawn from the domains of religion, theology, and philosophy. He also draws on feminist, gender, and queer theory, philosophy and aesthetics, and literatures and poetries of the African diaspora as a further repertoire of resources with which to reimagine matter itself, all with a view to imagining alternative worlds, other ways of being with the earth and thus with each other.

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