Dido Through the Looking Glass – The Musical

Saturday 4 September - 5 September 2021

This musical centres around one of Britain’s first aristocrat of African heritage Dido Elizabeth Belle and performed by children aged 6-14.


Dido Through the Looking Glass – The Musical is an original play written by Evadne Bygrave and Pete Tidy inspired by the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle. It contains original songs composed and written by Evadne Bygrave and Michael Fuller in various genres including RnB, hip-hop, jazz, reggae and ska.

Join Dido Elizabeth Belle, one of Britain’s first aristocrats of African heritage as she continues her travels through time, discovering the rarely told stories of brave black pioneers. Fresh from meeting Mary Seacole and Samuel Taylor-Coleridge, this time she encounters freedom fighter and Baptist Minister Sam Sharpe at a turning point in history. Set in Jamaica in 1832 our intrepid heroine learns about the Christmas Rebellion and how it led to the abolition of enslavement, but at a terrible cost.