Big Foot

Wednesday 18 October 7.30pm


Wednesday 18th October 7.30pm
HighRise Theatre & Black Theatre Live present BIG FOOT
Queens Hall, Hexham
With Guyanese folk stories, grime, roti and raucous energy, Big Foot is a funny and impassioned portrayal of becoming a man and the responsibility that comes with it. When the euphoric highs of teenage life in south London collide with his mum’s terminal illness, Rayleigh has to work out what is the right thing to do.
His mum doesn’t approve of him being in a new relationship.She needs him to focus on her and church. In this poignant coming-of-age story with a twist, love, life and masculinity meet head-on as Rayleigh tests the waters between these two relationships whilst working out how not to replicate his father’s mistakes.