Black Women Power: Celebrating Nigerian Changemakers

Monday 16 October

Come celebrate Nigerian women with society-shifting achievements reverberating beyond West African shores, leaving inspiration in their wake


This Black Women Power celebration of Nigerian Changemakers or Ìyá Nàìjá (Mothers of Nigeria) is the third of Yorùbá-Nigerian writer, poet and lecturer Abíọ́dún Ọlátòkunbọ̀ Abdul’s event series focusing on cultural and social themes related to Yorùbá/Nigeria/Africa/Diaspora: YNAD Talks.

Being the most populous Black country in the world, Nigeria boasts many transformative women who, as leaders, originators and entrepreneurs, have compelled recognition through their society-shifting achievements reverberating beyond West African shores, leaving inspiration in their wake. Aligning with Black History Month 2023’s theme of ‘Saluting Our Sisters – highlighting Black women’s critical role in shaping Black history, culture and communities’, this event first explores your existing knowledge of transformative Nigerian Women (both Nigeria and UK-based) featured around the event space. You’ll be invited to share your knowledge with other participants before grouping together for a fun quiz. This is followed by an interactive lecture revealing more interesting facts about the changemaking women. The quiz answers will be revealed throughout and the winners might receive many a prize alongside the adulation and bragging rights! We’ll then have a follow-up discussion on:

– the impact of not recognising or knowing these women on the diaspora/wider British public- how these women can decolonise/internationalise UK curriculums at every education level

Yes, whilst savouring delectable Nigerian snacks and enjoying uplifting Nigerian music, come be inspired by these remarkable Ìyá Nàìjá in this YNAD Talk ‘Black Women Power: Celebrating Nigerian Changemakers’ on Monday 16th October, 6:30-8:30pm, University of Nottingham UP campus, Monica Partridge Building, rm C14 and atrium.

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