Belonging Together: Building Bridges, Weaving Community

Thursday 16 December 2021

Part of the ‘Beloved Community Journey’ hosted by Thrive.


“We see the other until we develop a kinship. We see the other until we develop community. We see the other until we’re able to establish some sense of who we are together.” -Resmaa Menakem

“Walls turned sideways are bridges.” -Angela Davis

Join us on Wednesday, Dec 15th for Belonging Together: Building Bridges, Weaving Community, a conversation with celebrated bridge-builders and belonging leaders Ben McBride, Uma Viswanathan & Hi’ilani Shibata hosted by Cherine Badawi.

In an era of deep division and polarization, we are increasingly challenged and called to remember that we belong together. Our planet and collective well-being require it. What facilitates bridge-building with people who are different from us and with whom we might strongly disagree with? How can the act of bridging with others give rise to a fuller sense of who we are and help reweave the fabric of care & community? Join us for an illuminating conversation at the intersection of building bridges, healing divides, honoring culture & co-creating a world where we all belong and thrive.

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