Black As… Trivia

Friday 24 December 2021

The trivia game that is as Black as being Karen’ed


Black folks finally, a trivia night for us. Black As Trivia, the trivia game that is as Black as being Karen’ed. 3 rounds, 30 questions, all culturally infused with the Black American Experience, so you know it’s going to be good! Way better than a paid day off, raisins in potato salad, or the Black History Month bulletin board at your job.

Allies, you have actively been working on your Anti-Racism for a year. You have read Kendi and now Allyship is strong in you. Now is your time! We have the event for you. Black As…Trivia, the trivia game about America, with some melanin in every question. Funny and entertaining Black As…Trivia is gonna be better than the D&I educational experience you were given by your employer last year.

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