Black British History From 1948 To Now

Monday 1 November 2021

This short 8 week online (Zoom) course will give you a good grounding in understanding how Black people in the UK have contributed to British society.


Robin Walker aka ‘The Black History Man’ will lead a powerful short course on Black British History. All the sessions are inspiring multi-media presentations. The course traces Black British History from 1948 till now and will use film, music and talk, to explain the history of Black people in the UK since the arrival of the ship HMT Empire Windrush in 1948.

Come and learn about:

⦁ How Black Britons waged political and cultural struggles to win acceptance in Britain
⦁ How Black Britons influenced White  culture over the 70 years
⦁ How Black Britons entered the Mainstream  as Intellectuals, Sports Personnel, Authors, Actors, Fine Artists, and Politicians

There are eight classes:

⦁ The MV Empire Windrush. Featured Music:  Calypso
⦁ Claudia Jones, the Birth of Carnival and Black people in the NHS.
⦁ The Black British Civil Rights Struggles. Featured Music:  Ska and Rocksteady
⦁ Enoch Powell and Skinhead Culture. Featured Music: Reggae
⦁ 1981 – the Annus Horribilis. Featured Music: Lovers Rock and 2 Tone
⦁ How Black Britons entered the Mainstream as Intellectuals, and Sporting Stars; the Birth of Black History Month
⦁ How Black Britons entered the Mainstream in Football and Literature. Featured Music: Soul and Jungle
⦁ How Black Britons entered the Mainstream in Drama, Fine Art, Textiles, and Politics. Featured Music: Garage and Grime
⦁ The course runs from 1 November 2021 to 20 December 2021
⦁ All classes start at 7pm and finish at 9pm
⦁ All classes will have notes provided via email which you can follow during the class.
⦁ A Black British reading book list will be provided for the course (you don’t need to read these before the course starts, but it’s a good idea to read them before, during and after the course if you can).
⦁ All classes encourage a question-and-answer format. Feel free to ask questions of Robin Walker and Avril Nanton who are the providers of the course. Each section presented will have an opportunity for questions. Do not miss the opportunity to ask them!!!
⦁ You can choose to pay for the full course or class by class. The early bird price will close on 30 September

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