Black History Month: how to make it meaningful in your educational setting

Thursday 7 October 2021

Explore and discuss ideas on how to ensure Black History Month is meaningful in your educational setting.


Black History Month is an opportunity for educators to celebrate, commemorate and promote voices, cultures and stories that aren’t normally present within the national curriculum. Here at Alternative Curriculum we want to see lasting changes in the national curriculum by embedding the exploration of diverse ideas the whole year round in all subjects studied at schools and colleges.

In this free workshop we will hear from our fantastic guest speakers:

-Jenny Christopher from NEU North West BMOF

-Lamin Touray, an actor and activist who has collaborated with the Theatre Company, Odd Arts, to bring a play about Len Johnson into schools.

-Nahella Ashraf from Greater Manchester Stand Up To Racism

Our speakers will talk about how to ensure Black History Month is meaningful in an educational setting and how this commemorative and celebratory month can be used as an opportunity to create diverse links in the curriculum for the rest of the year. We will also highlight the free resources available on the Alternative Curriculum website and how they can be used in the classroom. There will be an opportunity for discussion and questions to be posed after the initial guest speakers.

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