Black Literature Writing Workshop

Saturday 7 August 2021

Join us in this amazing writing workshop in which the work of the great African American poet and essayist Audre Lorde will be used as inspiration to help participants learn how to write more audaciously and consciously.


Lorde wrote audaciously, striking fear into the heart of “the conventional” – a Black queer woman, she was unapologetically everything that she was. And this deep sense of self oozes through her writing. She combined history, poetry, political philosophy and personal reflection into brilliant prose that mapped delicately the peaks, troughs and sharp edges of her multi-intersectioned life.

We’ll dive into extracts from Lorde’s prose and poetry to discover what it means to write fearlessly. Through a series of writing exercises, participants will be challenged to tackle subjects that fill them with trepidation, and to use historical, contemporary and personal perspectives to fearlessly bring their narratives to life.

This workshop is great for those interested in life writing, looking to explore emancipatory discourse, or generally looking to improve their writing.

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