Black Wealth Matters, an Educational Series Presents The Birthing Series

Friday 31 December 2021

Black Wealth Matters, an Educational Series is a monthly series that educates about how systemic racism impacts every industry in America.


The next speaker for Black Wealth Matters is Kandee Lewis.

Kandee Lewis is a household name in the Los Angeles philanthropic community where she has a reputation for integrity, kindness, and a commitment to transformation.

We are so honored to have her as a speaker. When deciding on our speakers for the series, our team discovered Kandee through her activities on LinkedIn.

During our initial conversation with Ms. Lewis, our team realized that the stress from systemic racism and poverty creates trauma for babies in the womb. The stress impacts the health of the child and parents.

Please register on When signing up, choose “register for all dates”, create a calendar link with the webinar address. #blackhistory #bwmseries #blackentrepreneurs

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