BLM and Looked After Children: The intersections of race and care status

Friday 8 October 2021

We will explore the experiences of black children and those in care. We will consider how these identities can intersect.


We will be considering how these identities negatively impact black looked after children and will offer practical tips for professionals working with them.

This workshop is for Family Therapists, Systemic Practitioners, Social Workers, Residential workers and other professionals who work with families on the edge of care, children in care or people who are care experienced. Anyone who is interested in thinking more about how they can make their practice in line with the Black Lives Matter movement is welcome.

It’s a not to be missed opportunity to learn from someone who has been at the sharp end of these intersections.

We’ve kept the price low to try and make sure it’s accessible as possible. We want as many people as possible to take part and learn!

The price, £20, is per screen, so if you’re in a team and you’re watching/ taking part from the same screen you only have to pay £20 for the whole team.

Our workshop facilitator is Chantelle Lunt.

Chantelle is a writer, public speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and activist. She has a professional background in Public Services, including her work in policing and children’s social care. Chantelle is the founder and CEO of Joan’s New Pathways Project (JNPP), a non-profit organisation supporting and advocating Looked After Children. She writes for independent publications and charitable organisations and is an advocate of racial equality, having experienced racism throughout her life, particularly during her service as a Police Officer. Chantelle is the founder of Merseyside BLM Alliance – one of the most proactive anti-racist groups in Merseyside.- and the Chair of Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality CIC (MARE). MARE is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting racial equality, across Merseyside, through grassroots community-led work. In her role as a Freelance Educator, Chantelle works for local and national organisations, such as the Black Curriculum, to decolonise the curriculum, promote racial literacy and empower young people by engaging them in the study of Black History.

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