Culture and Myth in YA Fantasy

Thursday 21 October 2021

There has been an explosion in fantasy novels for children and teens written by Black writers, with many drawing from their heritage to create fantastic worlds and characters.

Yaba Badoe’s new novel Lionheart Girl combines African myth and magic. Born into a family of West African witches, Sheba’s terrified of her mother who can turn into a crow. But like mother, like daughter – magic runs through her blood and Sheba discovers powers of her own.

Descendants of the First is the sequel to Reni Amayo’s epic fantasy, Daughters of Nri. Set in ancient Nigeria, the books follows twin sisters who, unbeknownst to them, descend from the lost gods. The book explores the discovery of their burgeoning powers and their fight against the corrupt king who seeks to destroy them.

Join authors Yaba Badoe and Reni K. Amayo as they discuss their work, inspiration and influences

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