Destorialistion III:What happens when your heritage and stories are erased?

Thursday 26 May 2022

History, Fear, Ego, Inhuman appetites, Bigotry and Trauma. All dehumanise and label the human sentient being. Join us as we explore why.

Destorialisation (1) describes the effects of removing essential features of person that defines their humanity. Those features enable another human being the facility to hear and tell their unique stories. The impact of this is to radically change (and in some cases replace) the history, language, cultural /heritage viewpoint of those who have been affected by this process.

We will explore how this process affects the “black” community, or infact, if there is a community of “black” people.

This presentation will be interactive and use storytelling, poetry, art, proverbs, and ancient wisdom to explore the subject.

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