Dr Dwight Turner talks Intersectionality and Interconnectedness

Monday 18 October 2021

We live in a challenging age with the death of George Floyd in 2020, the subsequent marches across the world against racism, the struggles of the MeToo movement, campaigns for equal rights of LGBTQ community and the rise of disability theorists. In all of these efforts towards equality in the fact of varying oppression, speak loudly of the voices of the other and the need to be heard and acknowledged.


For the black community, especially during this Black History Month, this issue is as prevalent and as relevant as ever before. We live in an age where the current Government has worked very hard to deny institutional racism within the police, the Government and other oganisations. Yet, as persons of colour, we all recognise and endure on a day to day or week to week basis, the levels of oppression and experience of marginalisation which have a detrimental impact upon all the health and wellbeing of us all.

This brief keynote presentation is my gift to all of you as we look at the role of black theorists in brining us together and understanding and exploring how intersectional approaches to oppression and otherness and privilege actually bring us closer together, give us greater connection and also offer us the chance to walk through and out the other end of these distressing times.

Personal Abstract

Dr Dwight Turner is Senior Lecturer within the School of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Brighton, lecturing on their PG Dip and MSc courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a PhD Supervisor at their Doctoral College, a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. His latest book Intersections of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy was released in February 2021 and is published by Routledge. An activist, writer and public speaker on issues of race, difference and intersectionality in counselling and psychotherapy, Dr Turner can be contacted via his website www.dwightturnercounselling.co.uk and can be followed on Twitter at @dturner300 .

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