embRACE’ When we Ruled’ Workshop with Robin Walker

Tuesday 21 December 2021

When We Ruled Advert Robin Walker, known as ‘The Black History Man’, speaks on When We Ruled: 1000’s of years of visible African Heritage.


Robin Walker, also known as ‘The Black History Man’, will speak on When We Ruled: Thousands of years of a visible African heritage. Uncovering a history that is rarely revealed, everyone is welcome to learn, enjoy and be inspired. From this multi-media presentation, you will find out the following:

What history did Black People have before the slave trade? What was a typical African city like? What were the public and private buildings? What products did Africans make? Whom did they sell them to? The societies covered are the Songhai Empire, Ancient Nigeria, the Swahili Confederation, the Ancient Nile Valley, and Ancient & Medieval Ethiopia.

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