Furaha ya Kwanzaa (Joy of the First Fruits)

Friday 31 December 2021

Join AAMLO for a Celebration of Kwanzaa


Make AAMLO part of your celebration of Furaha ya Kwanzaa (Joy of the First Fruits) as you focus on Kuumba (creativity), the principle for the sixth day. Chief Curator Bamidele Agbasegbe Demerson shares an engaging slide/powerpoint presentation examining the cultural memories of Africa that resonate in Black American folklore and visual arts.

In spite of the transatlantic middle passage, slavery, and ravages of twentieth century social change, Black Americans remembered—and continue to remember—African derived creative traditions that imprint quilts, walking sticks, other wood carvings, baskets, pottery, musical instruments, bottle trees, grave decorations and more.

The presentation will leave you shouting, “Through the power of kuumba (creativity), ‘We are an African people!’”

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