Introduction to Gede

Sunday 6th November

Fet Gede (Gede festival) is a annual celebration to honour and embrace our divine ancestors and the Loa of


Fet Gede (Gede festival) is a Ayisyen (Haitian) ancestral celebration that is observed in Ayiti annually, beginning on November 2nd. The Gede are a nation of Lwa (aka dieties) in the Ayisyen spiritual system of Vodou (not to be confused with the Hollywood version of “voodoo”) that embody the essence of life, and express the divine innerg of sexuality which brings forth all humans to the world. They also embody the process of death and rebirth, which is an essential part of human evolution.

The Gede teach us that the principles of life and death are not separate but united in many ways that we as humans do not always recognize in our daily lives. They carry the wisdom of conception, life and death within them, and this innerg is often expressed in the Gede dance known as “banda”. There are various Lwa that comprise the Gede pantheon, namely Gede Nibo, Papa Gede/Bawon Samedi, Maman Bridgitte and others The colors of Fet Gede are purple, black and white.

However, the celebration of Fet Gede is also a very special time of the year for Us to remember, elevate, honor and venerate our Nananom Nsamanfo, Egungun, Zancet, Shepsu (divine ancestors) of our personal family lineage/genetic bloodline and our collective extended family lineage (aka nation).

This is a festive period where we take more time to observe and reflect upon our personal family history and our collective memory and lived experience as Afrakans who have been living in the spirit of love and harmony with our Zancet since time immemorial and beyond the western concept of time itself. We celebrate Fet Gede as a spiritual family every year and this year we would like you all to join us to know more about how you can begin to observe this celebration in your own family and community. We welcome you to join Us this November 6th, 2022 (via zoom) to celebrate Fet Gede with us this year. Kwa senbo!!

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