LIFTED – ethnic female leaders. Explore your inner power

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Would you be surprised to find that you have untapped inner power? Dr Marcia Morgan – author, academic and coach will help us discover it.


Exploring Identity & Inner Power

Poetry is a powerful art form; it offers profound insights into what it means to be an intersectional subject. Through the creative, succinct, and melodious use of language, Dr Marcia Morgan renders into words her challenges, her vulnerabilities, and her experience, illuminating meanings to the connection and shared emotional experience of being a practitioner-researcher and overcoming challenges associated to white patriarchal systems.

Marcia will share some of her poetry that explores issues of the intersectionality of gender and race with a brief introduction of the poem, a reading of it, and a short explication of the poems.

The purpose of the poems is to encourage you to identify your own intersectional identities, with the aim to develop an understanding that to fulfil your purpose requires continual introspection, acceptance of all aspects of ‘self’ and self-courage.

This virtual session will create a space for you to explore and articulate nuanced aspects of your own identity within different environments. You’ll have the opportunity to look at aspects of your identity through an intersectional lens and poetry.


Dr Marcia Morgan is a Black British Caribbean woman. She is a PhD graduate and academic author having published several academic journals and two books: The Silenced Voice: There is Purpose in Pain – a Business book Awards 2021 finalist, and Black Women Prison Employees: The Intersectionality of Gender and Race. She is a L7 qualified Executive Coach and Mentor, works for Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, and is a Parish Councillor. To find out more about her work and research visit her website

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